Why Precision Set-Up Concrete

Let’s face it.  You are busy, preoccupied with your own work and life.  Who has time to babysit every contractor they have hired.  And better yet, how can you guarantee they are building your structure correctly and on time.

Many days and sleepless nights have been spent designing and planning a structure that meets your every need.  You can’t leave the success of your project to a company that isn’t qualified to handle the work or that is going to waste your hard earned money.

Concrete foundation install for custom homes.
Concrete is different than every other product being used in your project.  How is this you ask?  Well, because concrete is not easily or inexpensively changed once it is set and finished.  Mistakes made in the construction of your foundation can add costs that carry through to every trade that follows. These costs can easily add thousands of dollars to your project.

Did you know that many concrete contractors hire inexperienced laborers to do their work in order to save money and increase profits? Hiring workers who lack the proper experience is sure to result in a poorly constructed foundation. Be sure to check the experience of the staff employed by the concrete contractor you decide to hire.

The management team at Precision Set-Up has over 100 years of combined experience constructing the best quality foundations in both Riverside and San Diego Counties. Precision Set-Up Concrete has developed a reputation for constructing the best quality foundations in in Riverside, San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

Meet Clinton

Clinton Halley, is not your typical blue-collar contractor.

Clinton posses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with concentrations in both Finance and Real Estate.  He owned and operated several businesses in the early 2000’s before purchasing this concrete business from a family friend 7 years ago.

Before purchasing Precision Set-Up Concrete, Clinton had built many homes from the ground up, so he knows first-hand the frustration of dealing with contractors that do not have your best interest in mind. He established this company with one goal in mind, building a perfect foundation that will allow you to avoid unnecessary frustrations and expenses.

If you have any questions or would like a complimentary quote, do not hesitate to request a bid online or contact us at 1-800-294-2207.

 Clinton Halley, featured below in a recent US Bank commercial.